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Dec 30, 2012 1:00pm EST
. signed: patrick j. leahy, president pro tempore. the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. reid: there will be an hour of debate on the galante nomination. at 2:00 p.m. there will be two roll call votes on confirmations of the nomination of carol greant to be assistant secretary at h.u.d. following those he votes thrib there will be a recess to allow for caucus meetings and the majority's meeting will begin at 3:00 today. would the chair announce the business of the day. the presiding officer: under the previous order, the leadership time is reserved. under the previous order, the senate will proceed to executive session to consider the following nominations which the clerk will report. the clerk: nominations, department of housing and urban development, carol j. galante of california to be an assistant secretary of housing and urban development. the judiciary, department of justice, william joseph bare of maryland to be an assistant attorney general. the presiding officer: under the previous order, there will be 60 minutes of debate, equally divided in the usual form on the gal
Dec 31, 2012 1:00am EST
courses for mediums for scholarships. they say they like the books but the only people there reid them are the scholars but in a film everybody will see the project. that is essential but also the idea if you think about the world and use film to tell a story it may allow you to say different things but it is a good vehicle to produce these scholarships for your colleagues. what about the visual dissertation or produces knowledge with images and sound to count as scholarship the way a journal article would count. we do a lot of that work with the graduate curriculum. i am now finishing a syllabus now how to do anthropological research where everything is on nine. it was not built to do that type of work so hard to read do that? >> host: who is and throw me and? >> guest: a super hero i created for myself when i was doing my dissertation. anthropolanthropol ogist makes a living by talking to people. one of my problems in bad school is i was incredibly shy. it is hard to strike up conversations with people i don't know. so anthro man gave me the confidence to talk to people and eventuall
Dec 31, 2012 10:45am EST
. reid: following leader remarks, we'll be in a period of morning business with senators permitted to speak for up to tufplts ten minutes each. discussions continue today on a plan to protect middle-class families from a tax increase tomorrow. there are a number of issues on which the two sides are still apart. but negotiations are continuing as i speak. we really are running out of time. americans are threatened with a tax hike in just a few hours. i hope we can keep in mind our single-most important goal is to protect middle-class families. whether or not we reach agreement in the short time we have left we'll need agreement from both sides from taxes going up tomorrow for every family in america. there are still some issues that need to be resolved before we can bring legislation to the floor. the president pro tempore: under the previous order, the senate will proceed to a period of morning business until 12:00 noon. it's for debate only. senators are permitted to speak therein for up to ten minutes each. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from iowa. m
Dec 30, 2012 5:15pm EST
, reid's remark that he had made a counteroffer was off-the-cuff response and that there was no counteroffer, and "the washington post" quoting senator joe lieberman saying he'd be shocked if a deal was struck today. we'll bring you continuing updates. for now, back to booktv programs. [applause] >> well, i actually left my cave. in the mornings i get up, and it's early dawn, and i have a desk for writing and a desk for drawing. and, actually, i sort of like the drawing the best. and i work, and the next thing i know letterman's on. so it's just the most exciting adventure. of i've had ten books and, believe it or not, it's very scary, i am 30 ahead that i haven't even shown. all illustrated. i'm just having such great time doing this stuff. so they asked me when i came here what did i, what were my prerequisites for writing a book. and it's got to be simply if i say i'm going to write it, if it takes 15 years -- i've had books take that long -- i'm going to finish. the other one is there can't be another book. there can't be another book on the subject. i
Dec 29, 2012 11:00pm EST
but it is a succession of choices that we make and how it becomes who we are. a few marines i have served with reid says because it is a very visual book and has more perspective and the people in my family are rarely mentioned because it is about what i see and i try to let "the reader" watch with my eyes and hopefully those are the things that they know it is their river and what they know and that is what makes the book talk to the bigger things that it talks to the military experience because my marines patrol the same road by looking at different things. their story of the same walk would be fascinating to me because we look at what fascinates us. a strange answer to your important question. [laughter] but it does explain the untested child and unearned confidence to be fascinated with uncertainty and sometimes with that may lead to. >> because it is not the nature of a soldier or marine to complain or state anything publicly to get them in trouble, we have a public health crisis with the gse and it needs to be acknowledged by a car leaders. there is a huge backlog at the veterans hospital and arou
Dec 24, 2012 1:30pm EST
reid, he withheld information from his colleagues on the nrc. from "the wall street journal," strategically withheld information from his colleagues in an effort to stop work on a controversial proposed waste dump according to a report by the agency's internal watchdog. this occurred, by the way, four months after barack obama took office. he had no intention on dealing with nuke hard policy. not a priority, and he shut down yucca mountain because harry reid was in a tough battle in 2010 which he won narrowly against sharron angle. and then, final hi -- i think this is finally for barack obama, on solar power. obama says he wants to promote green energy. well, he has two very bad policies if that's the case. one was playing venture capitalist with your money. solyndra, which we all know went bust and lost $500 million, was a technology that actually might work. it's called sigs, these are expensive panels, but they're more efficient than the cheap solar panels we get from china. china uses amorphous silicone. so he decided, well, look, the price of silicone is probably going
Dec 29, 2012 4:20pm EST
] wonderful. i wanted thank congressman martin and senator reid for suggesting this summit. i want to thank dr. billington for holding it, but i want to think you especially for coming and giving us a bit of your expertise. so good of all of you to come and listen. thank you very much. >> using lessons of the past to get the feature. about an hour and 20 minutes and is the final panel from the international some of the book. >> i believe that this panel, last of the summit constitutes something like the 36-39 speakers some might say they saved the best for last. what i would do -- [applause] i would like to introduce the speakers very briefly one of the time and let each one have her or his to if we have time we will have some questions. then i will try to offer a very brief conspectus of the summit by way of what i believe are three important questions we should come away with a summer marks referred to and then we shall adjourn to a reception in the handling of ceremony. so very briefly, not to give her her due at all, but director of the national library service for the blind and physically
Dec 30, 2012 3:00pm EST
will resume legislative session. mr. reid: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent the senate recess subject to call of the chair. the presiding officer: without objection. the senate stands in recess the senate stands in recess >> lawmakers taking a break now that they've completed their legislative work having taken care of two executive nominations. they're heading off to attend party caucus meetings as leaders continue to work on an agreement to avoid the looming fiscal cliff. and c-span's cameras are trained outside those meeting rooms in case lawmakers or staff talk to the press. we're also standing by in the house meeting rooms and the rules committee is poised to consider any agreement. we'll have updates as they become available. and as a reminder, we have a special web page set up with access to video of related briefings and hearings, a twitter feed from reporters and members and our resource area which features documents and articles all available at >>> we're going to turn now back to our regular weekend programs here on booktv, and we'll take you back to
Dec 30, 2012 4:15pm EST
farther apart than he hoped they'd be by now. and a tweet from one of the reporters here says senator reid makes an offer to gop, doesn't say what it is, and says e republicans' offer of calculating inflation with the chain cpi was an act of desperation. we'll bring you back to this if the senate comes back into session. in the meantime, we return to our regular booktv programming. >> and now joining us again on booktv is senator rand paul. his second book, "government bullies," senator, who are the bullies? >> well, all throughout your government there's 41 different agencies who carry firearms now in the government, and you say, well, i don't mind the police or the fbi. well, the department of agriculture has a s.w.a.t. team. the fish and wildlife have a s.w.a.t. team. in fact, the fish and wildlife raided gibson guitar with guns drawn, took all their computer equipment and their wood and then doesn't let them know what they were -- didn't let them know what they were accused of for a year, but when they finally accused them of something, it was breaking a foreign regulation. a law in in
Dec 30, 2012 1:45pm EST
a dance partner. mr. reid: mr. president? the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. reid: we have been negotiating now for 36 hours or thereabouts. we did have conversations last night that ended late in the evening between staffs. this morning, we have been trying to come up with some counteroffer to my friend's proposal. we have been unable to do that. i have had a number of conversations with the president, and at this stage we're not able to make a counteroffer. the republican leader has told me that -- and he's just said here -- that he's working with the vice president, and he and the vice president, i wish them well. in the meantime, i will continue to try to come up with something, but at this stage, i don't have a counteroffer to make. perhaps as the day wears on, i will be able to. i will say this. i think that the republican leader has shown absolutely good faith. it's just that we are apart on some pretty big issues. the presiding officer: under the previous order, there are now two minutes of debate prior to a vote on the baer nomination. who yields time? the question
Dec 31, 2012 4:30pm EST
astuka, united states army, westchester. specialist jesse david reid, united states army, horfield. lance corporal abram larue howard, united states marine corps. specialist dale justin grid low, united states army. specialist anthony bartlet, united states army reading. staff sergeant sean falnry, united states army. gunnery sergeant justin edward malti united states marine corps, pittsburgh. master sergeant benjamin franklin bitner, united states army green castle. first lieutenant demet r*u s, lancaster. staff sergeant david edward mills injury, united states army, new castle. sergeant joseph michael garrison, united states marine corps, new bethel. staff sergeant patrick ryan dulfa, united states marine corps, moscow. sergeant christopher matthew wrinkle, united states marine dallas town. petty officer michael joseph strange, united states navy, philadelphia. technical sergeant daniel lee sur, united states air force, york. staff sergeant eric scott holmen, united states army, everyone city. lieutenant colonel christopher keith rabel, united states marine corps, north huntington. chie
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11